At Rug Pad Central, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality rug pads at the fairest prices. After years in the business, we have learned that low quality rug pads lack longevity, damage floors, and are ultimately bad for your home and the environment. At Rug Pad Central, we want our customers to enjoy the best rug pads made of the best materials --- guaranteed to never damage any floor or finish. This mission is what keeps our company moving and allows us to provide the best possible experience for our customers.


Our rug pads are made using only the best materials in the United States of America. We are very selective in which factories we work with to ensure strict quality control of all of our products. Therefore, when you purchase a rug pad from Rug Pad Central, know that is it free from chemicals, adhesives, and is tested safe for your home.

Our Staff

Rug Pad Central is employs a highly qualified group of skilled workers. We cut, inspect, pack and deliver rug pads directly from our warehouse to our customers. This direct-to-consumer philosophy ensures the fastest and easiest buying process.


We are always here to assist you with any questions or concerns. Simply give us a call at (844) 567-2767 or send us an email a